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Flexible Mouldings
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Pine Mouldings

To view our Pine Moulding product line please click our catalog

MDF Mouldings

To view our MDF Moulding product line please click our catalog
Prime Line Inc.

• Double primed with an oil based lacquer enamel - ready to paint or finish with decorative applications.
• Patterns inspired by the architectural mouldings and friezes of Renaissance Italy.
• Exquisite detail and quality.


Architectural & Decorative Mouldings

Classic American Series

To view our Classic American Series please click our catalog

Architectural Enhancements

Architectural Enhancements the widest selection of dentil and ornately embossed crown, casing, chair rail, and base mouldings to suit every taste and style, along with rosettes, plinth blocks, and corner blocks to simplify installation and reduce mitering.

Oak Mouldings

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PVC Millwork


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New technology has created a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that won't swell, rot, split, delminate, cup or craze under harsh conditions. Yet it's workable as wood. You can nail, glue, drill, rout and cut Consolidated's trimboards using the same tools you would use with wood.

Cosolidated's trimboards match wood's ability to adapt to varying needs, but when it comes to durability, there's no comparison. Wood just doesn't stand up.

Features and Benefits
• Durable, never rots
• Easy to paint & maintain
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Good insulation, lower heat transmission
• Easily worked with conventional tools, and
   paints well with regular house paint
• Can be easily bonded, formed, nailed and bolted
• High chemical resistance
• Excellent UV resistant
• Non-toxic
• No problems with insect damage

S4S Boards

K.D. Solid Radiata Pine "C" and Better Selects Length as Available 6' - 16'

K.D. Finger-Joint and Primed S4S Pine Boards

K.D. Solid Oak and Poplar S4S Boards -6' and Longer

Flexible Mouldings

Flex Trim Flexible Radiused Curved Trim Mouldings . . . Easily bends or can be made curved for half round, elliptical, oval, eyebrow arc, bow, and odd shaped windows, and curved walls, arches, stairs, columns, or any other architectural curve design.

Why Flexible Moulding? • Radiused curved architecture is a growing trend.
• Wood quality and craftsmanship is becoming rare.
• It is less expensive than cutting and machining wood.
• It is a solid high density durable material.
• Almost anyone can achieve expert installation results.
• Flexible mouldings can be in stock for most applications.


Columns & Post Covers

Crown Column

Crown Column manufactures architectural columns, various styles of fiberglass round and square columns, softwood and hardwood columns, mantle columns, decorative capitals, composite and wood porch posts, softwood stair parts and composite and vinyl rail systems. Combining centuries old principles and modern technology, our master craftsman and trained technicians create exquisite products and are among the industries most skilled and experienced artisans.

Aluminum Columns

Our aluminum columns add strength and stateliness to homes, churches, public buildings, and universities. The clean lines and easy installation of our Old South columns have been popular with architects, designers, builders and remodelers since time has past on.

Pioneer Postcovers

The easiest, do-it-yourself way to attractively cover your basement support holes.

Use Pioneer Postcovers to cover. . .
• Basement Support Holes
• Electrical Wiring
• Plumbing Pipes

These patented two-piece postcover kits are designed with a tongue and groove joint for error free installation. Add elegance to your overall decor easily!
Madrid Basement Pole Covers

Hide ugly basement poles with our patented covers and transform any lolly column into a decorative element!
Available in a variety of styles, our pre-sanded covers are round and come with a base moulding. They're quick and easy to installóno mess! Designed to fit 3" to 4" diameter poles.
With other methods, you'd have to use a box with four sharp edges which can harm children. Our product is safe for you and your family.
Do-It-Yourself-ers, interior designers and home builders choose Madrid basement pole covers to add a refined, finished look to any basement.

Bamboo Decking

Outdoor Bamboo Decking

Truly GREEN, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Renewable & Fast Growing

16% harder than Maple, 33% harder then Oak
RENEWABLE in 3-5 years
*Easy to cut, drill and install.
*Light weight and easy to handle.
*Spans 16Ē O.C.
*Accepts Stains and Protective Coatings.
*Attractive and Natural grain.

Bamboo facts:
• Bamboo is a grass.
• Bamboo has been used as the standard building material for a lot of the world for thousands of years.
• Bamboo has incredible strength: In structural engineering tests, bamboo has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel, and a compression strength rating that exceeds many mixtures of concrete. It has a strength to weight ratio that exceeds that of granite.
• Bamboo is considered one of the fastest RENEWABLE resources in the world. Some bamboo has been recorded to grow over 4 feet in a 24 hour period.
• A pole of bamboo can regenerate to itís full mass in just six months.
• Bamboo can be continuously re-harvested every 3 years without causing damage to the plant system and surrounding environment.
• Bamboo does not need to be replanted like trees. The extensive root system stays intact, preventing erosion and continually sending up new shoots and naturally replenishing itself.
• Continuous harvesting of this woody grass every 3-5 years actually improves the overall health of the bamboo.

Miscellaneous Mouldings

Kiln Dried "C" and Better Southern Yellow Pine

To view our Kiln & Southernpine please click the moulding

Merillat Cabinetry

Merillat Cabinetry - America's Cabinetmaker. Consolidated is proud to offer Merillat's 3 cabinet lines, Essentials, Classic, and Masterpiece. All lines can be viewed at www.merillat.com

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